I have always been interested in the ways people communicate, and design at its simplest is just a visual form of communication. In both print and interactive design, people are able to reach out and tell the world what it is they wish to express. It’s a fascinating idea, and equally practical. We use graphic design to find our way in the world, without even realizing it!

A more modest version of these ideas got me interested in design fresh out of high school. I had never even thought about the people who create, organize, and lay out things like signage and books. This drove me to learn more and I received an Associate degree in Graphic Design from Austin Community College in 2009 followed by a Bachelor’s in Communication Design from Texas State University in 2013. I am still captivated by how things in our everyday lives are continuously being improved and clarified with design. It’s a subtle way to say something. A simple way.

My design philosophy is to keep things informative. I’m able to identify when it’s effective to employ a more animated, illustrative approach to things or when it’s best to create more exciting visual interest—perhaps even to augment it with a sleek, simple design. I find myself particularly drawn to the use of typography, and take great care to make sure the type in my work is laid out as flawlessly as possible.


Austin Community College- 2005–2009, Graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Visual Communication Focusing on Graphic Design

Texas State University- 2009-2013, Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Communication Design


Work Experience

Centaur Forge, Digital Marketing Manager and General Manager of Texas Branch: April 2016-Present

· Maintain and format the company catalog before preparing it to be sent to print. This includes verifying the accuracy of the information provided within the catalog such as pricing and item descriptions.
· Collaborate with third-party print company to print, publish, and distribute 8,000 copies of the catalog. Currently send over 5,000 copies of the printed catalog to customers who subscribe, and distribute the remaining catalogs to the Texas and Wisconsin locations of Centaur Forge in order to further distribute them as requested by mail, walk-in customers and during company events.
· Maintain the basic HTML and CSS coding on the landing page, design new sales banners weekly, and keep the website updated through the use of our inventory management and Point of Sale systems.
· Liaison between Centaur Forge and the third-party company that handles Google AdWords, Analytics and Shopping.
· Maintain and update social media platforms for the company including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
· Change prices on the website as needed and keep these changes updated in the ongoing file for the company catalog.
· Continually work within our Point of Sale and inventory management software to improve the online experience for our customers.
· Responsible for all branch operations, including sales, distribution, merchandising, accounting and budgeting.
· Oversee stock inventory at our Texas branch which sells locally and ships throughout the southern region of the United States.
· Arrange transport and hotel stay for employees visitng the Texas location of Centaur Forge.
· Responsible for local customer relations, servicing their needs by following up before and after sales.
· Manage employees at the Texas and Wisconsin branches in order to accomplish day-to- day tasks and ongoing projects.


Fluence Bioengineering, LED Technician: July 2014-April 2016

· Created print material such as detailed, user-friendly assembly instructions with designs of the products that accompanied the packages we shipped out.
· Worked in an assembly line system to produce LED light fixtures for use in the aquarium and horticulture industries. I was required to exhibit great attention to detail to make sure every light was finished accurately in order to be mailed out to our customers.
· Assisted in the process of shipping and logistics, ensuring that our customers received their products in a timely manner and were shipped reliably in safe packaging.


Petsmart, Cashier/Customer Engagement Officer, then Pet Care Associate: May 2009-August 2014

· As Customer Engagement Officer I was focused on customer service and satisfaction, assisting customers in finding the appropriate item that met their needs.
· Cared for animals in the store by supplying food and medication, as well as providing customer service while selling fish, birds, small animals and reptiles. I gave customers advice on how to best care for their pets and educated them on the products and services we offered.
· Checked out customer’s items and conducted returns.
· Was able to work in a fast-paced environment while successfully handling difficult situations or irate customers.



· Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash)
· Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
· Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube)
· Publication Design
· Microsoft Mail
· Basecamp Project Management
· Multichannel Order Management
· Sitelink
· HTML and CSS
· Anime Studio Pro
· Corel Painter
· Traditional artistic mediums (pencil, pen and ink, pastel, acrylic paint, and more)