Austin Community College- 2005–2009, Graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Visual Communication Focusing on Graphic Design

Texas State University- 2009-2013, Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Communication Design


Work Experience

Centaur Forge: April 2016-Present

I do a little bit of everything at Centaur Forge. I help with the receiving and shipping of product from suppliers to customers, handle customer service face to face, and work on Design projects within the company, including...

-Maintaining and formatting the company catalog, a book of over 100 pages and covering over 1,000 products, and preparing it to be sent to print. This includes verifying the accuracy of the information provided within the catalog, such as pricing and item descriptions.
-Maintaining the basic HTML and CSS coding on the landing page, designing new sales banners weekly, and keeping the website as updated as possible through the use of our Inventory Management and Point of Sale System.
-I am the conduit in the relationship between Centaur Forge and our third party company that handles Google Adwords, Analytics, and Shopping.
-Maintaining and updating social media for the company, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
-Changing prices on the website as needed, and keeping these changes updated in the ongoing file for the Company Catalog.
-Continually working within our Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software to improve the online experience of our customers.


Fluence Bioengineering, LED Technician: July 2014-April 2016

As an LED Technician with Fluence Bioengineering I worked in an assembly line system to product LED Light fixtures for use in the aquarium and horticulture industries. I was required to exhibit great attention to detail, making sure every light is finished off correctly and neatly in order to be sent out to our customers, who custom ordered them. I also assisted in the process of shipping and logistics, ensuring that our customers received their product in a timely manner, safely packed and shipped reliably. In addition to these, I often created print material for Fluence Bioengineering to use, including instructions to go with their various products.


Petsmart, Cashier/Customer Engagement Officer, then Pet Care Associate: May 2009-August 2014

As a cashier I worked on the register, checking out customers’ items and conducting returns. As Customer Engagement Officer I spent a lot of energy focusing on customer service and satisfaction, and assisted customers in finding the appropriate item for their personal needs. In 2010 I became a Pet Care Associate, where I cared for animals in store. My job also entailed feeding, medicating, and selling fish, birds, small animals, and reptiles. I sold animals and supplies to customers, giving them advice and educating them on products and how to best care for their pets.



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube etc.) Microsoft Mail, Multichannel Order Management, Sitelink, HTML and CSS, Anime Studio Pro, Corel Painter, Proficient in most artistic mediums, pencil, pen and ink, pastel, acrylic paint, and more


Interests and Hobbies

Illustration, Communication Design, Publication Design, Figure Collecting, Animation, Comic Books, Keeping and Breeding Fish