Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I figure I should write down what I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful for the brilliant support system I have around me, my family and close friends, while they may be few in number, mean a lot to me. I have never believed that you have to have a huge family and a ton of friends in order to be happy, quality over quantity, I say. Brittany, my girlfriend, is a constant in my life, and someone I can always count on to love and nourish my soul when I need it. My parents have been supporting me all my life, pushing me to be my best and helping me in ways that I will never be able to pay them back for. My friends who have always entertained and comforted me were also particularly awesome this year =)

I am also thankful for something coming up, something which I've only told a very close few about, and will be a surprise later on for everyone else. Because I'm a tricky one. This month has been so, so busy. And next month will be too, in a different way!

Also, tomorrow I'll be thankful for the chance to sit down with those closest to me and eat delicious food. Because food is seriously awesome.