Night Vale Live

As usual, I've been an inconsistent boob when it comes to writing in my blog, so here's what been latest...

Yesterday Brit and I took the trip to Dallas, through all the horrific SXSW traffic and subsequent construction traffic in the small town along the way, to see Welcome to Night Vale's Live performance at the Lakewood Theatre. We had perfect seats, in like the fourth row right in front of the mic Cecil stood at! I won't give away any spoilers, since they're planning on making the performance into an episode once this tour is done, but it was so, sooooo good.

Cecil Baldwin seems to have so much fun reading for Night Vale. He allows for a good level of interaction with the audience and stays in character so well, and he's able to shift from dramatic horror reading to giddy sass-muffin flawlessly. The other performers were fantastic as well, and the musician we had was Eliza Rickman. She was great!

We'll be heading back to Austin today, here's a few of the most decent photographs we could grab...



I highly recommend listening the the podcast, it's free and amazing. And if you ever get a chance to see one of their live shows, they are SO indescribably worth it! I know I'll try to get to the next nearest one!