Everything changes

Change is so very constant.

I was laid off from my job at Fluence Bioengineering recently, which was terrifying at the time. How would I pay for my home? What would happen to my family? But, as it turns out, things are okay. As I type this I sit in my own office at a new company, something I never honestly thought I would be able to say I could do.

Life is so funny. One week you're fighting constant, crippling, absolutely numbing depression as you go from your day to day, and the next you've been kicked out and set free all at once. Being laid off, scary as it was, felt freeing in a way. The change was sudden and welcome, while being totally unwelcome at the same time. Since then, however, things have started to very much look "up."

Suffice to say, I'm okay. This is perfectly okay.