The Benefits of Social Media for Professional Organizations and Companies

The landscape of Social Media is truly an ever-changing one. From news outlets utilizing Facebook and Twitter to get out the latest breakthroughs on Facebook, down to a pair of friends swapping recipes using Pinterest, Social Media of all kinds has opened up an entirely new world of communication for everyone, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. How, then, can we translate this into better serving our audience from the standpoint of a company or organization? Can we use Social Media to reach out to our audiences in effective and meaningful ways? The answer, as it has become obvious even within recent years, is definitely yes.

Advertising on Social Media has been on the rise for much longer than we even realize. Companies and Professional Organizations now all have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as accounts on other Social Media platforms.  Advertising is so effective in these instances because it is basically warranted by the consumer.

When one follows McDonalds on Twitter, one is basically asking to see their advertising. The consumer has found a company they have interest in, and taken an active part in receiving updates and advertising from that company. This allows companies and organizations to advertise much more fluidly and organically. Advertising on social media is often viewed as less intrusive by consumers. It feels more personalized and direct, and less like a broad appeal to a broad audience.

Customer service is also a benefit to a company or organization using Social Media. It provides a very easy, personal, and direct line to one’s customers. Entire twitter accounts are now set up so that Companies may answer questions for disgruntled customers. When done in such a public format, it makes the company appear very reliable and responsive to everyone who chooses to read through the Twitter feed.

Social Media platforms also offer a large amount of valuable information to companies and organizations in regard to analytical data about their customers. Having users subscribed to a Facebook account allows an organization to view customer data and demographics over time. Which is, of course, a blessing to anyone working in marketing.

One more benefit is the sheer variety offered by social media. Twitter and Facebook specialize in text-based posts, but can also post photos and event news. Instagram deals almost entirely in photos, which is fantastic for retail and other physical goods companies. Youtube is the big choice for videos, which is great for companies providing services and even information about the products they make or sell.

Overall, Social Media can offer a ton to Companies and Organizations. It’s important to embrace and utilize this ever-evolving type of marketing, and to stay ahead of the curve in terms of connecting to one’s consumer base with these methods.